Well, well, well...

Last night was the finish of our budget hearings for the City. And a huge weight has been lifted from my stress load. It's been a crazy. At times I didn't know which way I was headed and my mind was so distracted thinking about numbers and scenarios it has been the pits.

I am excited to have a little more ME time and be able to create again this weekend. I still have to show you the layouts I made while I was at my crop at the coast. I had couple of the layouts that needed some finishing touches and the rest just needed photos snapped to share...so I am keeping my fingers crossed for this weekend.

I have the evening free tonight except that I am having a candle party tomorrow and my house is in need of some serious vacuuming and straighting up (I did however manage to un-pack from my trip). Off to cleaning I shall go.

Catch up later,

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