Happy Tuesday.....

Well, I took the last of my entries into the fair today. They are judging in the morning. So, tomorrow after work I will head out there to see if I got a ribbon or two. I sure hope so. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Here is the scrapbook page I made to enter. These are photos from my trip to S. Korea. I went on a day tour from Seoul to the DMZ and back. It was a very interesting place to see and very scary! Lots of security. They just had the two presidents meet in the JSA just days before I arrived so there was still lots of propaganda all around.

Next is the bouquet of flowers I entered. My category what "fair theme." This years fair is "barn appetit." So, I used my trusty cricut and cut out animal shapes and accents to stick in the flowers. I think it turned out really neat!

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