Hot, hot, hot....

Wow, it's hot here! I don't like it this warm. Hopefully it cools off really soon. Low 80's would be perfect!

In Saturdays mail I got my first August SAC layout. I think it turned out really neat. The gal making it for me did a good job. They are pics from my trip to S. Korea. Lori and I took some pictures out in front of Cheong Wa Dae, or the Blue House in English. Here it is:

I didn't get any crafting done Saturday but I did manage to hang up my new punch rack with my Mom's help. It's going to work out perfectly!

I am off to flip through the pages of my Stampin' Up catty to see what I want when I become a demo and try to stay cool!

Happy crafting!

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MissScrapAlot said...

Well girl!!!!! You didnt tell me you had a blog!!!!! It is so purty, can you do mine? Love your blog and I hope your SU goes well!!!!!!!!!




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