Last July SAC layout....

Middle of last week I got my final layout from SAC. I love it. I think the gal scrapping for me did a wonderful job. Thanks Laura! When I looked at the pictures before submitting them I had an idea in mind for them and what I got back was nothing like it. But, that is what I love. Doing these swaps gets you out of your funk. You get some awesome pages back and get to scrap some subject you may have never scrapped before. Love it.

Last night was my Body Shop foot fun party. A few of my girls came over and we soaked our feet had some drinks and munchies. It was relaxing. And amazing enough the rain held off during the party. Thank you everyone for crossing your fingers. I'll be back later with a pic.

I am off to take a nap and get ready for the next Moonlight tourney baseball game. My younger brother and my Bff's husband are playing on the same team. We are having a lot of fun watching them!

Here is the SAC pic:

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