Looky, looky....

I am truly spoiled!!!! I know some of you already know that but I really am. My parents really surprised me this year for Christmas. They bought me this:

I played with my new E last weekend but can't wait to spend more time getting familiar with it. I have been wanting one for awhile now but it's not been a need since I have the lil' bug. But wow!!!! I have one now. Thanks Mom and Dad!!! I never would have guessed that they would have done this so it was, like I said before, a surprise. My parents have been so very supportive of my crafting addiction. They let me show them everything I create and will even make a stop at a new scrap store we stumble into while traveling. I love it and am glad I have such great support.

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Mrs.Lumpy said...

That is awesome!!!! You will love it!!!


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