Thank goodness it's almost FRIDAY...

Today was a long day and I am pooped. It is my Mom's birthday and we just got back from a really yummy dinner. Lucky me I had left-overs so there will be enough for Saturday. Yeah! Now that by belly is full I am a bit sleepy!

Last night when I got home from a late meeting I found, on my doorstep, this wonderful layout from Anna!

She did a wonderful job. One more page to add to my Korea book. How many do you have done Lori??? hehe.

For my birthday Steph got me a couple really cute stamps to use on my Korea pages but I haven't inked them up yet. Now I am dying to have a little bit of time so I can use them. Anna's layout she made for me game me just the right spark. Oh, she also sent along an extra sheet of the background paper that is fabulous! I can't wait to make the other side to this layout.

Have a great night!


Mrs.Lumpy said...

That is a beautiful page!! Your book is going to be breath-taking when it is complete...I have seen some great pages here and there.
....Sharon :)

Lori said...

None. I have NONE done. Are you happy? :)))) I am so excited to just copy yours, duh! Naw, you are truly my inspiration you sweet thang!


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